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Book of Abstracts of the I International Conference on Night Studies

M Garcia RuizJ Nofre – Book of Abstracts of the I …, 2020 – repositorio.iscte-iul.pt

 … methodologies, with special interest on urban nightlife, securitisation, informality,
displacement and visual-based methodologies. She coordinated the project “The Displacement
of Informality: Geographies in the city of Madrid”(funded by the Urban Economy Area, Madrid’s …

[PDF] Gracias a Dios que los Bailes Me Han Ayudado

R Aguilar – Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies, 2020 – chicano.ucla.edu
 … I argue that Mexican sonidos strategically formulate a baile economy and symbolic
networks within Chicagoland sonidero dances to transform these nightlife venues into leisure
and labor spaces for Mexican immigrant participants facing economic uncertainties …

Locking-Out Uncertainty: Conflict and Risk in Sydney’s Night-Time Economy

M LeeS TomsenP Wadds – Criminal Justice, Risk and the Revolt against …, 2020 – Springer
… Hollands, R., Chatterton, P. (2003) ‘Producing nightlife in the new urban
entertainment economy: corporatization, branding and market segmentation’, International Journal
of Urban and Regional Research, 27, pp. 361–385.CrossRefGoogle Scholar.

[PDF] Night-time public transport: case study of Madrid, Spain

R Koroutchev – Journal of the Bulgarian Geographical Society …, 2019 – geography.bg
… social time and space (Green 2002), youth cultures and consumption in the
night-time (Hollands 2002), night-time economies (Hubbard 2005 … Duff, C. and Moore, D., (2014):
‘Going out, getting about: atmospheres of mobility in Melbourne’s night-time economy’, Social …

Locking-Out Uncertainty: Conflict and Risk in Sydney’s Night-Time Economy

M LeeS TomsenP Wadds – Criminal Justice, Risk and the Revolt against …, 2020 – Springer
This chapter considers the tension between risk, pleasure, and uncertainty in
the context of Sydney nightlife. Specifically, it tracks the New South Wales (NSW)
government’s recasting of a night-time economy based on neoliberal market freedoms …

[HTML] What do we know about poverty in North Korea?

JC Cuaresma, O Danylo, S Fritz, M Hofer… – Palgrave …, 2020 – nature.com
… roughly corresponds to that in the lower part of the distribution of night-time lights
for … For this set of economies, we calculate the share of mean expenditure to GDP … Korean regions
with the corresponding Lorenz curves estimated for each matched economy (Crespo Cuaresma …

Night Time Economy

S Avetisyan – Available at SSRN 3541556, 2020 – papers.ssrn.com
Nightlife is a collective term for entertainment that is available and generally
more popular from the late evening into the early hours of the morning. It includes pubs,
bars, nightclubs, parties, live music, concerts, cabarets, theaters, cinemas, and shows …

[HTML] Good Example Of Essay On Post-Industrialization

NT Economy – wowessays.com
 The economic activities that takes place at night time hours is referred to Night
Time Economy. Post industrialization is one of the major factors which have led to the
emergence of the night time economy. Night time economy caters those who wish to spend …

[PDF] Evidence from Houston, Texas, USA

Page 252. 217 Introduction Tourism is an important contributor to a
destination’s economy (Lee and Kwon 1995) … These factors include cultural, historical, scenic
attractions, shopping, and nightlife-related facilities (Crompton 1979) …

Decoding middle-class protest against low-cost nocturnal tourism in Madrid

B Aramayona Quintana, R García Sánchez – 2019 – abacus.universidadeuropea.es
… Nightlife scenes in central Madrid have been profoundly affected due to the
expansion of tourist-oriented night-time leisure activities during the … everyday practices remaining
in this territoir and the rapid colonisation of this central quarter of Madrid by neoliberal economies …

Dance Floor Divas: Fieldwork, Fabulating and Fathoming in Queer Bangalore

K Khubchandani – South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, 2020 – Taylor & Francis
 … Tracing his encounters with one particular song during fieldwork on queer nightlife
in Bangalore, the author argues for the usefulness of … auto-ethnography) evidence how expressive
practices integrate into the multiple strata of everyday life and political-economy, and …

Kickboksen, een Marokkaanse route naar succes?

FHM van Gemert – Tijdschrift voor veiligheid, 2019 – research.vu.nl
… In the first Dutch episode, kickboxers manage to combine body work in the
gym with working in the nightlife economy … In the first Dutch episode, kickboxers manage
to combine body work in the gym with working in the nightlife economy …

Economics of disaster recovery and earthquake insurance: Five essays on New Zealand

CN Nguyen – 2019 – researcharchive.vuw.ac.nz
… comparison. The third chapter measures the longer-term effect of the CES on the
local economy, using night-time light intensity measured from space, and focus on the role of
insurance payments for damaged residential property during the Page 4. ii local recovery process …

Femininities and Intoxication

F Hutton – Cultures of Intoxication, 2020 – Springer
… to westernised nations and thus is concentrated on particular groups of intoxicated
women within developed neo-liberal, night-time economies (NTE … being, while, at the same time,
in some westernised societies, they are exhorted to engage in the night-time economy …

[PDF] Youth culture and nightlife in Bristol

P ChattertonR Hollands, MM Aubrey – pdfs.semanticscholar.org
… particular, promoters of urban nightlife often say very little about who owns the
night-time economy and that corporate ‘merchants of leisure’ are dominating and transforming
city centre nightlife at the expense … Nightlife is a significant national employer and sector of the …

[HTML] Redefining the concept of the 24-hour city and city nightlife for holy cities, with the use of Islamic instructions: A Case study of the holy city of Karbala

R Khorsand, M Alalhesabi… – IOP Conference Series …, 2020 – iopscience.iop.org
… after Dark, cultural planning and governance of the night-time economy in Parramatta
(University of Western Sydney) Google Scholar. [10] Gehl J. 2013 Human City (Tehran:
elme-Memar publisher) Google Scholar. [11] Shjaei Mehr S. 2012 Planning of nightlife recreation …

Post-Socialist Tourism Trajectories in Budapest: From Under-Tourism to Over-Tourism

MK Smith, L Puczkó – Tourism Development in Post-Soviet Nations, 2020 – Springer
 … authors analyse the post-1989 interpretation of the socialist past and dissonant
heritage; national identity building and city branding; cultural tourism developments; the
fragmented planning and management of the city; the growing importance of the night-time …

Revisión sistemática en un caso de trastorno del patrón del sueño en adolescente de trece años de edad

T Cañizares Lanziano, HJ López Vargas… – 2019 – repository.ucc.edu.co
… is a fundamental factor for the growth and the biological and psychological
maturation of the human being that at night time produces the … The chip economy is a technique
that aims to modify these inappropriate behaviors by other desired ones rough consecutive …

The spatiality of men who go missing on a night out

G Newiss, I Greatbatch – International Journal of Emergency Services, 2019 – emerald.com
… Practical implications. Search strategies can be informed by a consideration
of the type of area the person was socialising (high night-time economy through to rural areas)
and the geography of subsequent sightings. Originality/value …

[PDF] Pre-drinking behaviour of people in the night-time economy

MP CameronN DrostePG MillerM Roskruge – 2020 – hpa.org.nz
We report on results from a representative street-intercept survey of
pedestrians in the nighttime economy of Hamilton looking at pre-drinking and related
behaviours. We focused on three research questions and two supplementary research …

Experimental testing and heat transfer analysis of a novel iris-driven solar cavity receiver

C Ophoff – 2020 – lirias.kuleuven.be
… Thus, these storable solar fuels are an important part of the transition path towards
a hydrogen economy … One of the key challenges is the natural fluctuation of solar radiation due
to the position of the sun, unavailability during night time and transient availability at various …

When is prime-time in streaming media platforms and video-on-demands services? New media consumption patterns and real-time economy

J TanaE Eirola, M Nylund – European Journal of …, 2019 – journals.sagepub.com
 … When is prime-time in streaming media platforms and video-on-demands services?
New media consumption patterns and real-time economy. Jonas Tana, Emil Eirola, and Mats
Nylund. European Journal of Communication 2019 10.1177/0267323119894482. Download …

[PDF] Night time studies, gentrification and Helsinki

G Botta – Yhdyskuntasuunnittelu-lehti, 2019 – journal.fi
… The night reveals the artificiality of urban life and creates alternative ecologies and
economies in ambiguous zones (stahland Botta 2o19) … University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis.
Shaw, R. (2o14). Beyond Night-Time Economy: Affective Atmospheres of the Urban …

The Economy of Attention and the Novel

S Baumbach – New Approaches to the Twenty-First-Century …, 2019 – Springer
… by the Booker Prize, and the narrative’s connection to greater attention economies
suggest the … discourses on domination and resistance while considering seminal forces in today’s
economy of attention … Dis-Ease: Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the …

Tourism and the night-time economy: the perspective article

P ZmyslonyR Pawlusiński – Tourism Review, 2019 – emerald.com
Purpose This paper aims to depict the evolution of the relationship between
tourism and the night-time economy (NTE) from 1946 to 2095. Design/methodology/
approach This paper enables the feedback loop concept rooted in general system theory to …

[PDF] Good Practices In The Night Tourism–Case Studies From Bulgaria

E Velikova, S Dimitrova – Economics and Management, 2019 – em.swu.bg
 … alcohol and other entertainment. The night-time economy could generate
significant revenue and tourism offers legal opportunities for this to happen which may
differ greatly from these negative phenomena. In this article we …

Assessing the Distribution of Heavy Industrial Heat Sources in India between 2012 and 2018

C Ma, Z Niu, Y Ma, F Chen, J Yang, J Liu – ISPRS International Journal of …, 2019 – mdpi.com
 … decades, India has become one of the world’s fastest-growing major economies
and is … power, and raw materials for all sectors of the national economy, has also … Also, the
night-time thermal anomaly product from the National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental …

Spatiotemporal changes in vegetation coverage and its causes in China since the Chinese economic reform

J Du, Z Quan, S Fang, C Liu, J Wu, Q Fu – Environmental Science and …, 2020 – Springer
… Abstract. With the rapid development of the economy over 40 years since the
initiation of Chinese economic reform, terrestrial … global satellite Advanced Very High Resolution
Radiometer (AVHRR), Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) dataset, night-time satellite …

[CITATION] Negotiating Femininities in the Neoliberal Night‐Time Economy: Too Much of a Girl? Emily Nicholls, Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019; ISBN …

F Hutton – Addiction – Wiley Online Library
In Negotiating Femininities in the Neoliberal Night-Time Economy Emily
Nicholls provides a thorough account of how a particular group of women deal with issues of
gender in the night time economy (NTE) in the UK. Her analysis of their experiences tells a …

A balancing act: Agency and constraints in university students’ understanding of and responses to sexual violence in the night-time economy

S Anitha, A Jordan, J Jameson… – Violence against …, 2020 – journals.sagepub.com
 This article extends our understanding of how university students make sense
of, and respond to, sexual violence in the night-time economy (NTE). Based on semi-
structured interviews with 26 students in a city in England, we examine students’ …

[PDF] What is the socio-cultural impact of underground electronic dance music scenes on the inhabitants of big Dutch cities?

T Boer, H Abbing, LC Marques – thesis.eur.nl

… An insight into the multifaceted value of the night-time economy Image 1. Protesters
demanding a lively night-time economy in Rotterdam Erasmus University Rotterdam … scenes is
scarce, as is research into the value of the night-time economy. In order to supplement …

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