Make the brand a friend

The relationship between brands and bars is broken”, said Michael Vachon, founder and brand development manager for craft spirits importer and distributor Maverick Drinks.
All bars and brands work differently. We realized that it’s about balance, building long-term relationships with brands rather than taking as much money as bars can in one contract.
ANA builds campaigns encouraging people in the drinks industry to come up with better ways of creating value for both bars and brands to build sustainable relationships.


>INFLUENCER PARTNERSHIPS - $45K Per Month ($540,000K Per Year)
-5 MACRO INFLUENCERS - $5K Per Month ($60K Per Year - $300K)
Creating exclusive contracts with specific niche personalities in the space will bring fluency and familiarity to your product. It will also take your competitors products out of the hands of the individuals with the most eyes on them. Dominating that market presence is a huge win in an industry with limited advertising platforms.
-20 MICRO INFLUENCERS - $1K Per Month ($12K Per Year x 20 - $240K)
While Macro influencers may only post your product as many times as in their contract, they are showcasing your product to consumers, industry employees, bartenders, media outlets, fellow influencers and brand owners. A demographic that is much undervalued and currently is one of the most powerful demos in the industry. When selecting the correct partnership, long term campaigns can make your money back 3 to 5x.

>EVENT PRESENCE - $10K Per Month ($120K Per Year)
Help sponsor other events to show support, build brand relationships and Host events where your community can meet in person and develop relationships and hear what they think about your product. Brands to pop up and share their product with your community. Curate events to reflect what your brand stands for, make it an experience. Bring interactive activations that will encourage your guests to post and tag your social accounts.

>CONTENT MARKETING - $5K Per Month ($60,000 Per Year)
Produce in volume high quality content that represents your brands identity. Maximize the content, Redistribute it via IG, email blast, web, print, trade show banners and share files with your accounts and authorized dealers to share on their platforms. In 2020 your IG account is the face of your brand, it is the heartbeat of the community you build. If you skimp on your menu photos people aren’t going to want to eat your food.

>PAID MEDIA SITES - $5K Per Month ($60,000 Per Year)
There are a few websites that feature exclusively, it is smart to utilize such sites to get your product in front of a large audience. It is also worth checking out more untapped sites with high consumer traffic like Pornhub. Spread your banners and product placement across as many platforms as possbile.

>EXPERIENTIAL - $2K Per Month ($24K Per Year)
Spend time at testing something, adjust it and test it again, reconfigure, then test it again. If it doesn’t work you know you put real effort into it. Test using different influencers, styles, themes of content, etc. Expect to take a small loss trying to find a big win.

>GUERILLA MARKETING - $2K Per Month ($24K Per Year)
Combined with other tactics this will only create more fluency of your brand. Traditional guerrilla marketing includes sticker bombing strategic areas, stencil and wheat paste artwork, murals and even billboards. Random easter eggs will leave your followers feeling like they are a part of something secretive. Working with specific artists will create a buzz in the artist community.

>EMAIL MARKETING - $1K Per Month ($12K Per Year)
Email capture and email blasts are an effective and relatively inexpensive tool to build and nurture a list of your dedicated followers, fans, vendors, and customers. Providing weekly content and value into your blasts will generate a healthy open rate. This as a direct line where you can GIVE to your customer something to learn from or laugh at, something to relate to. Break down and segment your list, to use and grow over the course of your lifetime.

>SOCIAL GIVEAWAYS - $1K Per Month ($12K Per Year)
Come up with engaging ways to capture market data and research all while growing your following. Give them a reason to come to your website and enter their info into the email capture. Get creative by giving away a unique product or experience.

>CUSTOM MERCHANDISE- $1,600 Per Month ($20K Per Year)
This is a great way to create brand awareness, whether it be a walking billboard or user generated social media content. Make promo merch to hook up friends, fans and peers and they'll be at home or in the streets taking photos/videos wearing your T-shirts, Headwear like beanies and dad caps. By sharing and reposting this content you are building a community that features the real people who support the brand not just models.